Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I'll Survive

I managed to stay awake til 10pm last night and only had to get up once, but was still exhausted this morning.
I really didn't want to go to the gym. But I considered my other options which were go for a run (weather too bad), do 30DS (couldn't cope with more strength work today) or veg on the sofa all day (crazy woman Syl would kill me lol and I'd hate myself later), so I promised myself I'd go to the gym after taking DD to school and just do something, no matter how easy I worked out.
Anyway, I ended up doing:-
10mins Cross Trainer
5k (approx 35-40mins) Treadmill Run 8-9kph
5mins Rowing Machine
Although it felt hard today I don't think I feel quite as tired now, it seems to have given me a little bit of a lift, I just hope I don't crash again later lol.

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