Saturday, 25 September 2010

Great Scale & Exercise Day

I finally saw a new low on the scale this morning, 11st 2lbs or 156lbs!!! It was SO good to see a new lower number as I've felt so frustrated this last couple of weeks with the bouncing. And unfortunately I have to be honest and say that this immediately set my mood for the day, I was HAPPY!
I had been thinking of maybe not going to the gym or step class or running this morning, but once I saw that number it motivated me and I decided step class it would be, 1hr instead of the usual 45mins midweek ones. And I then had the best step class I've had in weeks! I finally got one of the moves I've been missing for about 4 weeks, and could do the whole routine up to the last little bit, which I think I might be able to get next week now that I've got the rest straight lol.
I've been giving a lot more thought to my daily weighing while those numbers have been bouncing about, but I still don't really know what I'm going to do. I admit that the number on the scale determines my mood starting each day, which as long as it's coming down is great, but when it's bouncing for no particular reason stinks, and I really need to get over that. When I started this journey I weighed weekly, on a Friday, and that seemed to work well, but I heard that people found it much better with daily weighing as they got used to the usual daily fluctuations and so became less obsessed with the numbers. Like I said, while the number is going down then daily weighing is working great for me, but if I'm retaining water or whatever and the number is up I find it hard to deal with. Friday used to be my treat day, but then it ended up turning into a treat weekend if we had things planned on a Saturday or Sunday. Recently I've changed things so that I decide when I'll have my treat dependant on our plans, so tomorrow I'll have my treat this week. So I'm thinking should I go back to weekly weighing? But then I think can I actually do it after daily weighing for quite a while now. The other thing is, if I don't like the number I see once a week am I going to be in a bad mood the whole week til next weigh in, or am I going to end up back on those scales each day to make sure the number is going down? My PT has said that I need to focus less on the scale now and more on my body shape and what I want it to be like, and that makes sense, but I still want to finish what I started 14 months ago, I want to get to a healthy BMI.... I've even thought about trying to weigh monthly as surely in a month the number has to go down, but then I'm thinking I could get lax with the treats etc because I know I'm not due to weigh for a while, and think I'll make it up later, which I don't want to do. So I think from writing this post I've come to the conclusion that I need to go back and try weekly weighing again and see how that goes for a while at least. Hopefully it will stop the daily mood swings and allow me to just focus on what I need to do. Watch this space I guess...

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