Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bouncing Again & A Possible Pattern

The number on the scale has been bouncing again for the last week, which is frustrating to say the least. TMI, but I think I'm starting to see a pattern. I had sort of come to the conclusion that I seem to lose weight at the end of one month and beginning of the next, then mid month I stall. This last two cycles though it seems that the number starts to rise mid cycle by about 1-3lbs, combined with me feeling completely irrational, upset and angry, which is what happened over the weekend lol. Then last month all of a sudden I started living in the bathroom for potty breaks day and night and being absolutely starving all the time, followed by the number on the scale dropping back to it's original number and then carrying on down for a small whoosh. Well the potty breaks and being ravenous started overnight and the scale was back to it's original number this morning. So I'm hoping that I'm going to see a new low in the next couple of days! If it does happen then I really think I might have hit upon a pattern, which might make the bounces more bearable, I say might lol. I'm still contemplating trying to go back to weekly weighing only, but it never seems like the right time to stop getting weighed the next morning. We are away from Mon-Fri next week and I won't be able to weigh then, so maybe I could use that as a starting point?
I'm happy to say that I ran 8k on the treadmill in 59.39 yesterday so my furthest yet in under an hour. It seemed harder than the first time I did it (7.95k in 60mins) but then again I had no-one to talk to the whole time. So this combined with the faster 5k's has me hoping that I really am making some progress. I'm taking my running kit with me next week and hoping to at least go for 1 run, hopefully more, so we'll see what effect all the training has had on my outside running. I still haven't got to the point where I can just run and enjoy it, each run still seems so hard and it's sheer stubborness that keeps me going, but the feeling afterwards is worth it, and I am holding out the hope that now I'm running further, 5k might start to feel more enjoyable soon.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Huge Grin

Today I went to the gym for my workout as usual. Tuesday is a gym cardio/strength day depending on my mood and how sore I am from two classes on a Monday. Today I felt a little sore and tired and wasn't sure what to do, a treadmill run or the new programme my PT designed for me which is cardio/strength intervals. I decided to make a start on my PT programme and just see how I felt.
Whilst in the main gym my PT came over and asked how I was doing and two other people who I talk to often commented that I looked like I'd lost more weight and was looking really good. One of them asked me about my PT sessions and on my recommendation has booked a course of them himself! I was also really happy that I managed to run at my fastest speed yet for one of the intervals on the treadmill, 11.5kph, and my rowing intervals were also faster than ever before, one being 129.
I then went into the small "mans" gym which is where most of the weights are, to do my upper body workout, and there were several men in there doing their own thing. I've often seen one of them but he's never even acknowledged me before, until today lol. It was only a smile and a nod but it was like I was suddenly visible to him lol.
Finally I went to the floor area to do my final ab exercises and then my stretches, and as I was stood on one leg stretching my quads I looked in the full length mirror in front of me and this girl was looking back. She looked slim, fit and toned, and her face just looked so healthy, energetic, glowing and happy and I suddenly realised that that girl looking back was me! My mouth immediately started to widen into a huge grin and although I felt a bit silly grinning at myself in the mirror I just couldn't stop. I looked back at myself and felt SO proud of myself for how far I've come and what I've achieved in fourteen and a half months. I still have some weight to lose, but I'm actually fitter now than I've ever been in my life, and it feels amazing!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

It Was Real

I'm happy to say that the scale numbers last week were real, and have been constant since then. I'm still 10st 12.5lbs/152.5lbs over a week later, so I think it's here to stay. I must admit to being a bit frustrated that it hasn't gone down any lower as it's official weigh in day again tomorrow, but then I keep telling myself that I was stuck before and then lost 4.5lbs in just a few days, and I've got to give my body chance to settle before it moves on. It appears that the constant steady losses I was having are over now and that my weight is staying pretty level with a whoosh down every now and again and I'm just going to have to live with it. I'm still holding out hope that I can reach my initial goal of 145lbs by Christmas, so we'll see.
So whilst I'm trying to get my head around the number on the scale or rather take my focus off it, I'm trying to concentrate instead on my exercise. I had to cancel my PT session last Friday as I was ill and didn't end up exercising at all for 3 days, but started back again on Monday and have been working hard all week so far. Had my rescheduled PT session on Tuesday which was HARD and I'm still sore from, did Step class yesterday and then today I've had a breakthrough! The furthest I've managed to run non-stop so far was 7k (actually think that included some walk breaks but can't remember) and I've been a bit frustrated that although the shorter distances I am slowly getting quicker at, I am still finding increasing the distance so hard. So today I was tired and decided after a 10min warm up on the cross trainer just to start running on the treadmill and if I felt like it to get off after 10mins and move onto something else. Well today I was enjoying my music and rather than counting songs which I usually do to gauge my time without actually watching it I just listened and when the next song came on I thought, ooh I like this one, I'll run to the end of this one. Then my friend came over after she'd finished her run (she is fast and runs 11.5k in an hour) to ask how I was getting on and I was telling her about struggling to run farther. She said that it's always easier to run alongside someone as talking distracts you, so in future if I want to to go on the treadmill next to her if she's on when I get there. She talked to me for about 10mins I think and then I put my music back on and carried on. When I started to feel really tired I decided to run to the end of the current song then see how I was doing on time. When I put the time back on the screen I'd run over 55mins!!! So that spurred me on to run the full 60mins and I finished up doing 7.95k in total, non-stop!!!! I was and still am elated that I managed to do it, run a whole hour without stopping and no walk breaks. It's been a goal of mine in the back of my head since I did my 5k race that my next challenge was to be able to run an hour non-stop, and I did it!!!
So even if the steady losses on the scales are gone, the steady progress in my fitness hasn't which I'm really happy about. I just have to have faith that if I keep doing what I've been doing, it will all work out in the end.