Friday, 3 September 2010

Challenge Day 3

I should have been going swimming at lunchtime today, but it was DD's first day back at school and once I'd dropped her off and got home I wanted to get some chores done in the house. Once I got going with those I really didn't want to go for a swim... The thing is my Friday swim means length swimming for almost an hour, then I usually go in the sauna and jacuzzi for half an hour, and then need to shower and do my hair etc. This means me being away from home for 2-3hrs. Today I really just didn't feel like being out for that long, especially as I consider swimming my easy workout for the week. I figured that if I did the 30DS instead I'd be done and showered etc in less than an hour, giving me more time to get chores done. So that's what I did! Day 3 of doing it and it still doesn't feel any easier lol, someone please tell me it will soon?
One thing I have been doing this week as well as my structured workouts is trying to move about more generally, ie taking an item upstairs or out to the car etc straight away, rather than putting them on a pile to deal with when I was going upstairs or out to the car anyway, and I feel good about this. It got me to thinking and although I don't know if it will make that much difference, I worked out if I could burn an extra 50cals a day this way thats 350 a week and 3500 in 10 weeks, meaning another 1lb I could lose! So I'm definitely going to keep trying and hope that every calorie counts!

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