Thursday, 24 June 2010

Very Relieved

My ankle/shin/calf was feeling a little better again this morning, although still a bit tight and achy, so I decided to go to the gym as usual and just see how much I could manage. I promised myself that if it started hurting when I did my treadmill run I'd stop and do equivalent time on another machine, but when it came to it, although it was a little uncomfortable to start with, once I got going it loosened up and I managed my full 6k steady run. I was so relieved I managed to get through all my workout, and even more relieved that so far it's still not feeling any worse than before the workout which was my main worry. Tomorrow is usually either a swim or outside run day, so I'll see how it feel in the morning before I decide which to go for.
Tomorrow is my official weigh in day and I'm just hoping I see a loss, no matter how small. This week has been a bad week, the worst in a while, as I had two days eating off plan last weekend, and due to going away and then this injury I've only exercised 3 days, whereas I usually do at least 5.
I've got everything crossed that I see a new low on the scale in the morning, and the injury carries on improving. I really need to start feeling like I'm making progress again...

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