Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sports Bras

Now I suppose I'm lucky in that I'm a well endowed girl, but finding a sports bra that fits well and does the job to stop the girls going off and doing their own thing is a nightmare!
In January I finally tried the Enell bra which is amazing. At first I actually felt like it must be a bit too tight because I had trouble breathing in it, but soon got used to it and it does the job perfectly. It's not cheap though...
So over 4 months down the line I've worn it almost everyday, it's been washed dozens of times and is still in fab condition, but as the weight has come off it's been providing less and less support. It's no longer constricting like it was and when I run I'm getting a more definite bounce again with each week. I've looked today at getting another in the next size down, I've actually thought I really could do to get two so I'm not frantically washing and drying all the time, but the cost is an issue.
Then I got to thinking, the Enell bra is very full coverage, from the back of your neck down to your ribcage, and it gets hot during a hard workout. So I've looked at the new Shock Absorber Run bra which is supposed to be fab. I've heard good things, but that it's a devil to get on til you're used to it. It's cheaper than the Enell and has an open back so I thought it might be much cooler.
I just don't know what to do. There is nowhere near me where I can go to a shop and try loads on and see what actually fits and does the job. And with losing so much weight I really have no idea of my sizing anymore. Hubby has told me to order several from the website I got my Enell from as they do free returns, but I just don't know. Should I stick with my trusty Enell and just go down a size, maybe get two of the next size down? Hubby always says I can never make a decision, and this is just more proof lol.


  1. I finally broke down and bought an Enell a few months ago and love it - but now that the hot weather has hit, I'm having the same "hot" issues as you. Never heard of the Shock Absorber but it looks good. I have to do all of my ordering online for good sports bras, which is a pain. Maybe try the Shock Absorber plus a smaller Enell? I feel your indecisive pain!

  2. Conrats on how far you've come! I'm fairly new to making changes in my life and it helps to follow stories like yours! Let us know how it goes with the bra choices...i'm well endowed myself and have a hard time finding good sports bras in my size.