Sunday, 6 June 2010

I Can Do It! And Sports Bra Update

After Friday's post I'm really pleased to say I got up yesterday morning, picked myself up, dusted myself off, and got straight back on plan.
I went out for a 5k run early in the morning before it started getting too hot, and if it hadn't been for the stomach cramps which meant I had to walk for a few mins at the 4.3k point I'd have been able to run the whole way. Was really annoyed at myself at the time, but have to remember that I'd eaten complete junk the day before, and I usually have breakfast and give myself an hour for my bodily functions to sort themselves out before I run, so I suppose I should have expected it. I also set off running too fast which I think may not have helped. I kept looking at my Garmin and thinking I should slow down, but for some reason I couldn't seem to do it. Anyway, it was nice to run somewhere different and it was really flat where we were staying which was a nice change from the hills here. Compared to my last run outside I knocked 9secs off my 5k time which isn't much, but it all counts when you're a new runner lol.
I ate totally on plan all day and we then went for a 9k walk as a family in the evening once it had cooled down a little again, so hopefully it will have repaired a little of the damage.
I've been totally on plan again today although not managed to get any exercise in with us coming back from our few days away and unpacking etc. I'm really hungry today so hoping all the crap from Friday is more or less out of my system now.
And after my post about my search for new sports bras, when we were out on Friday we visited an outlet mall and I struck gold! I found a shop with the Shock Absorber Bra range in stock. They didn't have the new Run bra, but I tried on the next one down in the range, the Ball one I think it is, and it felt good, comfortable but supportive. I ended up getting two for less than the price of one Enell! I tried one of them out on my run yesterday and apart from having to adjust one shoulder strap as I ran I had no problems and it felt great to have the back so open compared to my Enell, I didn't get half as soggy lol. I'm so happy I now have two bras to alternate between, and I'll probably still keep wearing my Enell for my step classes where I don't need as much support now it's getting big.
I'm trying to decide whether I will go on the scales in the morning. Lately I've got used to weighing daily, but after three days of being away I'm nervous of seeing the number. I'm not sure if it will be bad or ok. Friday is the day I class as my official weigh in day, so I could wait til then and hopefully see a lower number by then, but I don't know if I can wait that long. At least if I weigh daily I know what I'm up against, but unfortunately it does affect my mood for the day, and aren't Monday's bad enough?

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  1. Good for you for picking yourself up and dusting yourself off! I think that is the hardest part of our journey, getting back on track when we have a bad day(s). And thanks for the tip about the Shock Absorber Bra, i'll have to google and see if i can find any in my neck of the woods!
    Keep up the fabulous work! :-)