Friday, 4 June 2010

Bad Day

Today has been a very bad day eating wise. Whilst I wouldn't say it was actually a binge I've eaten more today in one day than in a LONG time. I started out with a healthy breakfast but it was downhill all the way after that and now I'm sat here feeling sick and bloated and so annoyed with myself.
The only reason I have is that we're away on holiday for a couple of days and this voice was saying 'you're on holiday, enjoy yourself'. Have seen tonight though yet again that the enjoyment is very short lived and the guilt after just isn't worth it. I really didn't need to go so overboard, I lost total control for approx 10hrs...
So I've ready told hubby that tomorrow I'm back on plan completely, and I've learned more lessons today to help me in the rest of my journey. There's no point beating myself up, I just have to put it behind me and focus my attention an repairing the damage. But I still feel like crying...

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