Monday, 16 August 2010

Boot Camp Has Started!

Well, not really lol.
But I've just got back from my first day of six in a row I've got planned at the gym. DD is on holiday with my mum and step-dad, having a fab time by the sounds of it, so this week I'm making the most of the child free time to get some serious workouts in. Today was a BodyTone class followed by an Advanced Step Class which both kicked my butt but I loved them. I haven't been able to do both classes together for a few weeks due to the school holidays, so I'm a little worried I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow lol!
When I first started my weight loss journey I avoided classes like the plague, I preferred to stay in the gym and use the machines on the levels I chose and put in the effort I felt I could. I was really scared of making a fool of myself in classes and not being able to keep up, but this last couple of months there's been a slow turnaround and now I actually prefer classes to the gym. I love the camaraderie with the other ladies, losing track of the time because I'm concentrating on the moves and keeping up, and the music and workout is always changing so I don't get chance to get bored like I do in the gym.

1 comment:

  1. I think i'll look into a class of some sort in the fall. I'm sure by then i'll need a change, something to catch my interest and rev me up! Reading your post has made me want to get my butt in gear!
    Hope you aren't feeling too sore tomorrow!
    S :-)