Sunday, 18 July 2010

Overwhelmed & Panicking

After trying the new Body Tone class at the gym last Monday I spent the next 4 days hardly being able to walk lol. It definitely proved to have been a good workout, and glutton for punishment that I am I'm going back tomorrow to give it another go! Then on Friday I had a programme review with one of the instructors at the gym. He is nicknamed the drill sergeant and I would say that that nickname is a bit tame lol. I have NEVER had such a hard workout in my life! I seriously think he was getting great pleasure from seeing my face get redder and redder and the sweat dripping off me. At one point on the stationary bike I really didn't think I could keep going but he just kept pushing me. At the end my whole body ached and felt like jelly, and my heart rate was the highest it's been since more or less when I started this journey. I really don't know if I could do it all again without him there by my side pushing me, but I will give it a try. One thing he has put on my programme which I didn't have time to actually try was a quicker treadmill run. Over the months I've worked up and can now do 6k on the treadmill at 8kph with no incline. Drill sergeant is expecting me to do 2.4k at 9kph with a 1% incline!!! I have done intervals up to 9kph, but that's only been about 3min intervals, going back down to 8kph for recovery. There is NO way that I can do this then do the rest of the workout he had me do on Friday, so I've decided on Tuesday to go do my warmup, then give the run my best shot, and if that's all I manage so be it. I'll tackle the rest of the workout another day and work up to being able to do it all at some point in the future, or maybe never lol.
Now onto the title of this post. DD's school finishes for the summer holidays on Wed for just over 6 weeks.
I began this journey on the 27th July last year so was only just easing myself into it during the school holiday, and really started to increase the workouts etc after.
Currently I go to the gym Mon-Fri while DD is at school and get my workouts done, then I sometimes go one day on a weekend depending on what we have planned. I find it fairly easy to stick with my eating plan during the week when DD and hubby are both at school and work, but weekends are much harder because when I see them eating some things it's very tempting.
During the 6 weeks break we are also going away for two separate weeks in our caravan, the first one being next week.
SO, by Friday of this coming week I need to have all my usual jobs done at home, my usual workouts, shopping and packing the caravan for a week away. I feel totally overwhelmed, like I've got so much to do and don't know how I'm going to get it all done. I can't say anything to hubby because I know he would say that I should miss a couple of gym sessions if I don't have time for the other things, and that is NOT going to happen lol. So I'm just keeping my mouth shut, gritting my teeth and trying to stay calm although right now I feel totally overwhelmed.
But that leads me onto the panic I'm feeling, and if I'm honest, terror. I am so used to going to the gym at least 5 days a week for at least 45mins, how am I going to cope over the next six weeks when I can't do that? I have the two weeks when we are away when I obviously won't be able to go to the gym at all which is freaking me out lol! I love going to the gym, some days are harder than others, but I feel so strong after my workouts and I get antsy when I don't go for some reason... I'm taking all my running kit on holiday with me and having researched the area we are going to for our first week it seems that, weather permitting, it should be good for me to go for a run every couple of days at least, so that might keep me sane hopefully. I'm also going to research the area for our second week and see how promising that is. Then there are about 10 days when DD is going away with MIL or my mum so I'm planning on having some mammoth gym sessions then. But the other two weeks hubby is going to be working and I've no childcare so I won't be able to go to the gym at all, unless I can go on a night once hubby is home and DD is in bed. I do have various exercise dvd's and the wii fit which I could do if I can convince DD to play in her bedroom for a little while, but I'm never motivated to do them on my own which is why I joined the gym in the first place.
And as for healthy eating, how am I going to stay focused for the next six weeks with two weeks holiday and the other weeks my routine being totally shot to bits?! I've thought about just trying to maintain my weight during this period, but I really don't want to do that. I still have 21lbs to go to my initial goal weight and I need to keep the momentum going if I'm going to get to goal before the end of the year which is my aim. It's like I have an angel and a devil in my head at the moment. The angel is saying, just treat it like normal, find some way to exercise everyday, eat on plan, just have your Friday treat night, or change that night to another if necessary, but no more than one treat night. Then the devil is saying, you're going on holiday for goodness sake, have a good time, you deserve a few treats, and as for the exercise, you deserve a rest!!! See my problem? Any ideas? How can I stop it all from spinning out of control over the next six weeks?

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  1. Hey Lisa!
    First of all, thank you for giving me the pep talk. It definitely helped when you let me know that you had gone through the same thing transferring from treadmill to outdoors. And that you got through it. And look what you're doing now! You did your first 5k and you run for 6k on a regular basis! I'm glad i have someone's footsteps to follow in, and i'm also very glad that i get such great support from you! It helps so much!
    I understand your panic about the changes to your routine and your fear of what could happen on your holidays. I'm kind of going through something similar. I'm leaving in 2 weeks to go on a 2 week vacation, coming back for 3 weeks, and then heading on another vacation for a week. I've thought about it, and worried about it. But i think what we need to do is just do the best we can. It sounds like you're doing the smart thing, researching the areas you are going too. I'm sure for the most part you will try and make healthy choices as far as food goes, but if you do treat yourself some, don't beat yourself up, enjoy your vacation! I've made some arrangements to do some workouts and go to the gym part of the time i'm on vacation, but i'll be going camping for part of the time as well. I'll just make sure i walk alot, do some swimming, and run when i can. I know i'm going to indulge in some things that i normally don't eat, the lobster is amazing out east! But i will just try and not totally pig out and just eat a "normal" portion. And as far as the rest of the time when you are at home trying to balance everything, just remember to take one day at a time. You know what you need to do...take a deep breath and make it happen! You have come so far, it's not all going to fall apart in the space of a few weeks. Have faith in yourself! School will be back in before you know it and you'll be back at the gym with your drill sergeant running your butt off on the treadmill! By the way, good luck on Tuesday. I think you're gonna totally do it!
    Trust yourself to make the best choices you can given the circumstances! :-)