Monday, 12 July 2010

Knew It Wouldn't Last

I knew that last week was going too well lol.
On Friday I went to my first Fitball class. After seeing some of the photos of my legs during my 5k race I realised it's time now after losing 107lbs to start with some serious toning lol. I wore my HRM and was disappointed to find that I burned less than 100 calories during the class, but I really did sweat and it definitely felt like hard work.
Then on Friday night my planned treats were sharing a chinese takeaway with hubby and have a little chocolate. Thing is hubby decided to go over the top and got us a fancy starter as well so I ended up eating far more than I'd planned and was mad at myself straight after.
I did however figure I'd be going to the gym first thing Saturday for a monster workout which would repair some of the damage. What I didn't figure on was the way I felt on Saturday morning when I got up. As soon as I got out of bed I felt like I was going to fall over. I felt horrendously dizzy and nauseous and even when I kept still I felt like my insides were still moving. I felt like I was on a boat on a rough sea and just wanted to get to shore. I decided I'd force some breakfast down me and sit for an hour at home and hope the feeling would pass, then I'd do my JM 30 Day Shred. That never happened either. It took everything I had to get myself dressed and drive to my mum's to collect DD and bring her home. When hubby got home from work he said I looked awful (thanks!) and sent me straight to bed. I stayed there for a couple of hours then forced myself to get up again and ate a sandwich hubby had made me. By this time the nausea had gone but the dizzyness was still the same and I had a flashing in my left eye. I figured I was going to get a migraine but that didn't happen. Then it was dinnertime and because I'd not been in a fit state to decide on dinner in the morning we had nothing ready to make quickly. So hubby and DD voted to get another takeaway, curry this time (I wasn't happy as we hardly ever have takeaways now since I started this journey, but I was in no real fit state to argue). Now I know I could have either not eaten anything or just put a measured portion on my plate and dealt with it but no, what did I do, I pigged out...
So by yesterday morning I was 2.5lbs up on the scale and pretty annoyed with myself. Luckily I was feeling a good bit better, but still didn't trust myself to try to workout so although I got back on plan food wise, I still ended up spending the day on the sofa.
This morning I was happy to see that one of those lbs had gone but I'm still angry with myself. Why do I do this? I know I feel so much happier when I stay on plan, so why do I blow it like this? I think this episode of veering off plan was due to me feeling so ill, and the old excuse I used to use of making myself feel better with food came back to haunt me. I know it was hubby who brought the food in the house and I could have refused it, but I just felt too weak physically and mentally at the time. Somethine else I guess I need to be more aware of in future. Plus it's made me see I need to stock the cupboards and freezer with more things that I or hubby can prepare quickly in this situation.
Anyway, I tried another new class this morning, Body Tone, which is the class right before my usual Step class. Even if I hadn't used my HRM I'd have known that this was a much harder class. There was an aerobic warmup and the whole class kept my heart rate much higher than the Fitball one. At the end my legs were like jelly and I really wasn't sure for the first 10mins of my Step class whether I'd be able to get through that as well lol. I made it though and tonight am feeling satisfyingly tired and achey and feel that I've at least gone a tiny bit of the way to making up for the weekend. I'm not sure if I will stick with the Fitball classes as, although I could feel the muscles I'd worked all weekend, it just didn't seem to do it for me if you know what I mean lol, but if I have the time I'm definitely going to try to do the Body Tone followed by Step on a Monday from now on. It's a great workout after the weekend, as Sunday is my usual rest day anyway, and hopefully I might start to see results.
I'm also in the process of trying to get my gym programme revamped. I've realised this past few weeks that apart from my treadmill runs, I'm totally bored with the rest of my gym circuit and need a change. It's got to the point where I don't want to go on a Tue and Thur which are my gym circuit days, so it's time for a change. I need to catch one of the instructors who they nickname the drill sergeant and arrange an appointment with him so he can hopefully sort me out a new routine which will excite and challenge me again, but I think I need to make sure I can still walk tomorrow and the next day after today's two classes lol.

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  1. Can i just say "WOW!!"...107 lbs you've lost! That's sooooo amazing!! Don't beat yourself up too hard about the small weight gain. I think the important thing is that you are aware of what you are doing. You aren't just mindlessly eating and being in denial about it. I think recognizing these bumps in the road makes it easier to make the right decisions the next time. And it sounds like you totally have your workouts in hand! Changing your routine is a good thing, keeps it interesting and helps you shake off that plateau. I'm thinking of taking a class of some sort in the fall. Not sure what, but i want it to be something that burns some serious calories and is fun at the same time. I'll keep you posted on what i come up with!
    Keep up the good work Lisa!