Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Things Are Going Really Well

So while I wait for it all to fall apart around my ears I'm trying to make the most of it lol.
After my 5k race on Saturday we went out for a celebratory lunch and I had my planned treats and really enjoyed them. The rest of the day I was absolutely shattered though, I think partly from the race but also partly due to the state I'd got myself into in the build up to it. The best thing though was that I got straight back on plan later in the day instead of "treating myself" for the rest of the day or even into Sunday like I have been doing, and it's the first weekend in well over a month I think that the scale hasn't shot up only for me to have to work like mad to get it back down again during the week. I also had the best night's sleep on Saturday night I've had in ages lol.
Sunday I had a rest day but Monday I was back in the gym for my step class, yesterday was a mammoth gym workout including a 6k treadmill run, and I've just got back from THE best step class I've had in ages. I love our instructor and the music she chooses is fab, although I sweat buckets while doing the routine I LOVE how motivating the beat is.
I also saw a new stone on the scales this morning, one I don't remember seeing in a LONG time. I really feel like I'm actually getting to where I want to be, and that goal isn't an immeasurable distance in the future. I think if I keep focused and make sure the weekend pig outs don't return I can actually get there before the end of the year! And I think I'm getting close to needing to go down another size in clothes, to a UK14!!!! I have a whole suitcase up in our loft full of 14's from at least 10 years ago I think, most of which have been hardly worn and thankfully aren't outdated, so I think that will have to come down soon for me to have a trying on session and see how close I am.
My leg is also feeling a little better. I've kept icing it and doing some stretching and a few of the strengthening exercises the physio gave me, and yesterday when I did my treadmill run I tried to lengthen my stride like he suggested and the discomfort didn't seem as bad as normal. Then today I went in the gym before my step class and did the stretches and one set of the strengthening exercises and they really felt to warm it up nicely and now a couple of hours after my step class it doesn't feel bad at all. I'm seeing him again in the morning for a gait analysis and hoping it goes well, and that if I carry on doing as I'm told the worst might be over. I'm still a bit upset I can't sign up for a 10k yet, but we'll see how the next couple of weeks go and hope it's not going to be too long before I can increase my distance again. I know the main thing is to get this injury sorted and ensure it doesn't happen again, and I need to remember that a week ago I thought I might have to stop running altogether for a while, so should think myself lucky.
I'm also going to try a new toning class on Friday, Fitball! Been wanting to try some new classes for a while but was a scaredy cat and also wanted to concentrate on the running til the race, but now I think the time's now come to find a toning class to add into the mix and this one fits in with my timetable. I'm nervous of what to expect but the girls I've spoken to who do it say it's really good, so I just hope I don't fall off the ball too many times and make a complete fool of myself lol.

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  1. You are such an inspiration to me Lisa! I feel like i'm following in your footsteps! You just competed in your first 5 k race, which i am aiming to do in October, you're trying new activites and classes, and getting control of your eating and "treating". That is so awesome that you saw a new stone on your scales! You are so doing the right things and losing the weight in the best possible way to keep it off. And isn't it a GREAT feeling to be dropping clothing sizes and pulling out clothes you haven't been able to wear in years?
    Big hugs to you for the comment you left on my post. I almost wanted to cry reading it, to know that someone gets it, understands where i am coming from. It really helps me to know that i'm not doing this alone. My friends and family are wonderful, they are happy for me that i'm doing this, but not a single one of them understand what i'm going through. They see me exercising and they see the results of it. But they don't the know the struggles i go through, mentally and physically. And it does my spirit good knowing that there are people out there that have been down that road and are on the same journey. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me through it! You rock chickie! :-)