Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Binge Free For Lent

I've been thinking the last few days since my horrendous binge of maybe trying to give up chocolate for Lent, in the hope that if I could go cold turkey with it the cravings would stop and so would the binges. But I quickly remembered that if I say to myself that I can't have a certain item of food at all that just makes me want it more, so ruled that idea out.
BUT, I just had an idea that maybe rather than cut a certain thing out, I could try to be binge free for Lent? 46 days without a binge? I've done much longer than that during my weight loss journey, so I know it's possible, and maybe it would give me the motivation I need to be able to stop this binging cycle that's got a hold of me again....

1 comment:

  1. What an excellent challenge. I think I know what I"m going to do for lent (even though I'm not catholic). I will not purchase any treats for myself, they must be offered by another. The only exception will be one Date Milk Shake in Arizona.

    Its funny while we're actively loosing our weight its so easy to say no. Now that we're maintaining that power just isn't there anymore. Or is it that we've been at this so long we don't have the ability to say no anymore? I know exactly where you're coming from.