Thursday, 11 November 2010

I Will Not Give In

The scale is still showing 146.5lbs this morning. It's shown the same number for almost a week now which never happens for me...
I'm really scared that it's going to start going up again or that hubby was right the other day when he said that maybe this is the weight I'm meant to be.
I HAVE to get to 145lbs at the most, this journey is not over til I do, that was the impossible goal I set myself and I have to prove to myself now that it's not impossible.
So although I'm scared I'm determined to keep going with my plan as normal and I've promised myself that my usual weekly treat will not be happening until I see a new lower number on the scale.... But did I tell you I was scared? I don't want 146.5lbs to be the end... or the start or an upward trend.


  1. Okay, you need to give yourself a reality check here! So the scale stayed at 146.5 for a week? Why are you weighing yourself daily? Google "Why the scale lies" its a great article.

    Next... why would your weight start creeping up if you're maintaining your current habits of eating right and exercise? You need to stop panciking and stressing right here and now! Stress makes us gain weight! It does, if you don't beleive me. There's no reason for the scale to go up, up, up unless you start eating improperly! There are slight fluctuations, yes you may be up 1-2 lbs but you'll be back down again.

    I had to accept the fact that my body is happiest at 145, my ideal weight at my heaviest should be 137 but my body just won't go there, there lowest I've gotten is 143 but I always bounce back up to 145 the next week. But you know what I keep trying and I've been trying for a year and a half now. Its the trying that really matters I stopped going crazy over the scale a long time ago.

    Now if you give up your weekly treat you're setting yourself up for failure! If you try to give up everything you're just going to end up binging when you do give in and be even more upset at youself. How about have half of that weekly treat. Just because you deny yourself isn't going to make the scale do what you want.

    The body is a funny thing, just accept what happens, and continue with your better, healthier ways.

    Don't drive yourself crazy over this.

    I'm up 2lbs this week, that's okay I'm focused on having a better week and it'll come off.

  2. I so agree with Dani!! Stress is a killer. I struggle with that!!

    I just found your blog and look forward to watching your progress. You can make your goal. I just know it!!

    Keep focused!!