Sunday, 30 May 2010

Feeling Better Today

The scale was down 0.5lb this morning which made me SO happy. I was so sick of seeing the same number or higher for the last 9 days. It has made me realise yet again how much the scale affects my mood for the day, and I really don't like that, but I don't know how to change it. For now I'm just happy that my mood is better today and I'm feeling more positive.
Today as well I can't stop going to the toilet! I feel like I've been about a dozen times so far today and it's only late afternoon. I'm wondering if I've actually been retaining water for the last week or so, don't know for sure, but I hope it's that and that I can expect the scale to start dropping again.
I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, Day 1 Level 1 today and WOW, I thought I was quite fit now lol. I managed to do most of it, but the pair of my workout pants I wore are obviously too big now as they kept working their way down to my bum whenever I did jumping jacks or similar and I spent most of the time pulling them back up again! I thought a half hour workout wouldn't do much for me, but afterwards my legs and arms felt like jelly and they still feel a little wobbly now, so I'm preparing myself to ache tomorrow. I'm not planning on doing the dvd everyday like you're supposed to, mainly because I go to the gym most days, but I've been getting really bored with my workouts this past couple of weeks so figured if I can add in a couple of 30 Day Shred workouts each week, maybe as a swap for something else, I might feel a bit more excited about my routine and see some more results. Main thing is I enjoyed the workout, it definitely got me sweating and I can feel that I worked hard, so here's hoping.

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